KRW - Karaoke Recommendation Wednesday

In honor of good ol' Georgie's birthday yesterday, i bring you "My Sweet Lord." It has a nice build to it with the signature Spector Wall of Sound at the end which makes it perfect for a large group. 

Some karaoke places may try to cheat you out of the ending which is the best part. What's the point of doing My Sweet Lord if you are not making your friend's endure Sanskirt chanting of the Hindu gods?

I highly recommend the Scorsese directed George Harrison: Living in a Material World  available on HboGo streaming. The 208 minute two-part documentary will have you missing George more than ever. But there's always this clip from the 2004 Harrison tribute to help you reminisce (Where does Prince's guitar go at the end?).

What's that? You don't have an HboGo. Are you okay? Do you need help? Should I call a doctor? Nod once if you've been kidnapped.