Top secret list of potential SXSW drop-ins

I'll be at Cap City this week - March 12th to March 15th. Shows are at 8 with additional 10:30 shows on Friday and Saturday. The hilarious Bengt Washburn headlines.

It is SXSW, so that means there is a lot of potential for special guests. I've been doing some snooping and got access to the list of probable drop-ins for Cap City this week. 

Some of the rumored big times are:

Bill Cosby

Steve Martin


Bill Murray


Other British bands

Braniac the very brainy comedian

SXSW keynote speaker Lady Gaga (under the name Lady Ha Ha)

Industry types

Grumpy cat's first stand up set

Murder City Devils


Dune Bug

Big Mamma Boom Boom's urban showcase

Sir Paul McCartney

The cast of the Cosby show

A hip young comedian you haven't heard of because you are out of touch

Baby Dane Cook

Giancarlo Esposito reprising his role as Buggin' Out

Hipsters who don't self identify as hipsters

Hipsters who do self identify as hipsters

The cast of the Cosby Mysteries

Hilario the Great, magic and comedy

The snails I've been finding on my porch at night

+ many more