Orlando Day 2

Part two of the exciting adventures of Ralph and Kerri in Mickeyland.

Day 2

11:00 am Ralph and I enjoy a leisurely breakfast of Trader Joe's snacks in our Airbnb.


1:30 pm We take a Lyft to our rental car. Chit chatted with our driver, Jan, about the comedy fest. She reminisced about seeing comedy in 70's San Francisco at the Holy City Zoo all while making a 5 point U-turn into oncoming traffic. She'd mostly go to watch her friend...Richard Belzer! She also kindly offered us a joke to "have" if we want. "What's the deal with pharmaceuticals?" she exclaimed. No need for a punchline here. Ralph did not let her off easy. "No, that's probably been done." 

1:57 pm I eat something called breakfast bread pudding at 7 Bites Sweet and Savory Bakery. It was basically bread with hollandaise. See below. Ralph is in the background eating meatloaf.

2:15 pm Time in the middle of the day is permanently lost to a bread pudding/meatloaf daze.

4:14 pm I spot a Wawa.

5:30 pm Met up with third roomie Justin Williams. Get Vietnamese and do comedy all night long to some quality crowds. Good job Orlando.

2:00 am Watched Untold Stories of the Sex ER for #Sextempber on Discovery Health. It wasn't very good so we switched to Hocus Pocus.