Orlando Day 3

Florida home stretch, now with Justin Williams.

Day 3

11:30 am We desperately needed to start our with vegetables so we trek over to the Dandelion Cafe. I was warned this was the "hippie" vegan place. Don't worry I can handle your hippies Florida. I live next to a pacakageless grocery store and wave to my neighborhood bicycle composter collector in the morning. I got this.

1:20 pm I drag everyone to Big Tree Park to see a big tree. A psychic in Sedona told me I should hug more trees because I am a healer and I get energy ftom them. There actually was a sign not to touch big tree since he was pretty old (around 600). I gave it a quick pat because Sedona psychic > a sign.

1:45 pm Finally dropped by Etoile Boutique, a hip, little vintage shop in the Milk district.  I got a fly skirt, top and some other goodies. Justin also picked up a sweet tartan bow tie and suspenders. Check this place out if you are in Orlando. Really great prices for vintage and handmade goods.

6:00 pm Ralph and I's last show was the 6 pm Peacock Lounge. It was packed because Orlando audiences are awesome. Plus, my sister Tia was randomly in town. Yay!

7:56 pm Ate some delicious Cuban food with Tia. Hung out with some comics and then retired early so we could plan Disney World tomorrow. I know you were all excited for me to live tweet the Electric Light Parade, but sadly it does not occur on Sundays :(