Orlando Day 4

The exciting conclusion of The Adventures Kerri and Ralphie in Orlando

Day 4

6:30 am Wake up and binge at Einstein's bagels on the way to Disney. We're not joking around.

9:00 am Arrive at the park and go straight to Space Mountain. The illumination is off and it is extra dark and therefore extra awesome.

9:31 am Ride the Carousel of Progress. Worried Patricia of the future has become sentient and is going to murder us all.

9:48 am  12:30 pm Ride a bunch of ride that aren't Space Mountain

12:43 pm Ride Space Mountain a second time before heading to Epcot.

1:38 pm Grandmas love Epcot!

2:35 pm My credit card gets rejected in Morocco.

3: 11 pm Captain EO. Everything else in Epcot is pretty boring.

4:55 pm Tower of Terror ties for best ride. I scream my lungs off. 

5:30 pm Our longest wait is at Rock N' Rollercoaster. The concept is you get in a really fast limo to make it to the Aerosmith concert in time after they give you free backstage passes. I like to pretend that you are racing away from the concert as fast as you can to avoid joining Steven Tyler's coven.

7:20 We realize we are not having fun anymore in Disney, but really Orlando in general is getting pretty irritating. Eat Chipotle then watch youtube videos in bed until we konk out. See you soon, Austin.